QPL Chain type shot blasting machine
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QPL50 Chain type                  QPL100 Chain type                  QPL100 Chain type  
                                 (dust removal with filter element)        
(Integral type)

QPL100 Chain type(Separated type)   Auto-feeding chain type shot blasting machine

  The chain type shot blasting machine is suitable for processing surface of various parts. All antiquated sand cleaning of various metals casting surface, surface rust removal of ferrous metal parts, abatement of surface burr and rough edge of pressing, surface processing of forged piece and heat treated piece, and scale disposal and grain refinement of spring surface etc can be achieved with shot blasting reinforcing process of this series equipment. This machine are widely applied in foundry, heat treatment plant, electric motor plant, machine tool plant, bicycle parts plant, power generating machine factory, automobile fittings works, motorcycle parts works, and non-ferrous metal pressure casting works etc. The work piece can obtain excellent material natural color with shot blasting processing which can be the previous procedure for such process of black, blueing and passivation of metal parts surface in the meanwhile can provide good base level for coating such as plating and paint etc. The work piece processed with shot blasting with this machine can reduce tension stress and refine the surface grain thus reinforce the work piece surface and prolong its service life.

  The shot blasting machine, with characteristics of low noise, little dust and high production efficiency together with the automatic recoverable shot for application thus reducing materials loss and decreasing cost, is ideal surface processing equipment for modern enterprises.

  There are models of QPL50, QPL80, QPL100 and QPL200 etc for this type of shot blasting machine.

Main Technical Parameter
Model, Specification QPL50 QPL80 QPL100 QPL200
the Size of Shot Blasting Room ∮400×650mm ∮500×750mm ∮600×900mm ∮600×1100mm
the Capacity of Shot Blasting Room 50L 80L 100L 200L
Shot Blasting Capability 40kg/min 80kg/min 100kg/min 160kg/min
Improving Separation 2t/h 6t/h 6t/h 9t/h
the Separation Type of Pill & Sand air separating filter sieve + air separating filter sieve + air separating filter sieve + air separating
Dust Collection Air Capacity 800m3/h 1600m3/h 2000m3/h 2000m3/h
Total Power 5.84kw 6.4kw 10.85kw 16.5kw
Overall Dimension of the Equipment 1400×
Single Piece Weight ≤5kg ≤10kg ≤10kg ≤15kg
Shot Blasting Wheel Quantity 1 1 1 1




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