Continuous conveyor type ultrasonic cleaning machine

HAWK Composites (Su Zhou) Co., Ltd.

  • Suitable for large batch continuous cleaning operation
  • Adoption of wire mesh belt continuous conveying mode, huge conveying capacity, and simple structure.
  • Suitable for products needing large quantity cleaning, widely application in cleaning magnetic materials, hardware, mechanical parts and components, and battery etc.
  • The procedures of spraying cleaning, rinsing, ultrasonic cleaning, compressed air drying, hot air drying and oil etc can be arranged.
  • Conveying speed: 0.1m/min to 2m/min
  • wire mesh belt width:400-650mm
  • Pass-through height: <250mm
  • Ultrasonic power: 1.2kw to 8kw
  • Special cleaning design solution in accordance with customer’s demand




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